Friday, April 27, 2012

Adventurous Week, well, kinda

On Sunday we had a b-day party for my li'l boo. She is now 3 years old. siiiigh, where does the time go. She has decided that gma can no longer call her all my li'l nicknames, she is constantly reminding me to call her "Adriana". Guess I'll have to make a scrapbook page about all the nicknames, g'ma used to have for her.
She's in another fun stage, the 'look at this' followed by making a face. yeah, that one.
ANd in the imitate everyone stage...gotta watch what we do and say!
I've been spending my spare time in the back guest suite, prepping it for dd and dsil's arrival. Oh My! I had a LOT of stuff back there! priority one was rehoming my scrapbook stuff that made its way back there. I have 15 18gallon storage bins filled with books, as the bookshelves have now become scrapshelves! ha! I am now in the process of going thru the stuff my mom left in her closet. Oh MY!!! This is what the room looked like this morn, think ya'll can understand why sometimes I walk in there only to walk out, feeling so overwhelmed.
and I did replace it(see prev entry)...haven't had time to really play with it, just test it, but I LOVE it!!
ay On Monday I got a tooth extracted. It cracked last week...been an interesting week as far as the odd pains, numbness, and inability to really taste and eat! But I think I lost a li'l weight. Told dh that next time I start to regain, I'm gonna have a tooth pulled. Don't think I'm gonna get any implants or anything, think I'll just enjoy my 'hillbilly smile'. Oh, next entry, I'll talk about dh's first days as a rancher. All I'm gonna say is we still don't have one of the cows on our property yet...she is over the fence with the neighbor's herd. teehee

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