Sunday, August 5, 2012

scrapbook expo, here comes the gazelle!

I spent yesterday packing for the crop at the Expo this coming weekend.  So, excited...2.5 days of croppin' and shoppin'...the perfect weekend for me!  Well, if Adriana was old enough to scrap, that would make it even better.

This week has also been a refocus on the weight loss.  My sis posted this pic of me,  whatta wake up call!  I've been getting too lax about my weight.  I am back to 178...2 lbs from obese!  So, gotta focus and not lose sight that I do have a goal...and being jabba the hut is NOT it.

This week while driving to work, dh, dd and I have been listening to Dave Ramsey.  Lucky for me, the day before my sis posted this pic...we heard the cd with the illustration of the gazelle.   (to escape from the debtors as a gazelle escapes from the cheetah)  So, now the gazelle is my 'mascot'.  When I am tempted to stray from the weight loss plan, I ask myself, "would a gazelle eat this chocolate?"   ha!!
(lets see how well the gazelle does at Expo weekend!!)

Today is a burger-fest at ds's home.  I plan to bring veggies to snack and share...and a Jenny's chicken sandwich to have instead of the burger...better bring my own desert also.    I've been logging my calories, in the hopes of reining myself in.   aye yi yi.

Get back to the basics, I know what works...just gotta DO IT and stop getting lazy.

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