Sunday, September 16, 2012

so, here I am...up at 5 am

Yup, I was woke up at 5 am this morn.  The sound of a small dog yipping.  Now, we live in the country and that sound, to me, means one thing....that soon I'm gonna hear the 'death sounds' as the pup looses its life to a coyote or larger dog.   So, I got out of that bed as fast as I could.  Now, dh says it did not happen.  There were no 'pain' coyote victory howl...  I would have liked to look for the pup, and I asked dh to do that when the sounds first started...but with the way sounds carry in the country...he could have been too far to find.  So, I'm up...

That has to be the one thing I dislike about living out here.  Coyotes.  HATE them.

I have spent most mornings on SparkPeople.  They have a new option, well at least new to me, called the Spark Coach.  Check in everymorning to get motivated and stay accountable.

Now, yesterday was a, I did not do that well with the food.  BUT though it was a small crop, of only 5 hours, did have a good time.  A friend set it up at the library, and we may be able to have that facility every 3rd Saturday.  It would be a 'community' event, open to all...but that is cool with us, as we are always excited to meet other scrapbookers.

Exercise, okay, I got the Wii3, so I've been trying out all the options under the Just Sweat.  Last night I tried out the continous play...can't remember the game name.  Now, I hit the 1000 calorie option...and that thing kept after song...I figured that it would stop and say 'congrats, you made your goal' or something!  NO!!! I finally hit the Return to Menu button when I could not move anymore...went back to Just Sweat and my chart was at over 1700 calories!!  Okay, that was fun...and tiring...but ummmmm, yay.

I had a good week as far as the Jenny weigh in, showing a loss.  BUT with the weekend, the crop and an overnight trip to Monday morning (okay Tues, cuz I won't be home)...the number I use on Spark...I'm thinking won't be so good.  

have ya'll heard of LOTW's...aka Letters of the Word...I've been doing a "Name Your Own LOTW" swap at   The top pic were the ones I did last month...the bottom pic is the word I got back.  I just let the gals know the letter height I wanted and the color scheme...and they created this...aint' it cute!!

Here is a layout I did using the one I had rec'd the previous month.

So, I worked on a few of those yesterday.  Also worked on some ATC cards for the monthly swap on just a couple of pages of Athens for my Med Cruise album.   S o m e d a y, I'll actually finish that album.

As I was leaving, my son in law told me 'crop till you drop"....I told him "5 hours, we're just barely getting started"...but I do have an all day crop scheduled for in October...its a fundraiser for the CYC in Modesto.

okay, time to face logging my food yesterday on Spark.  siiiiiigh

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