Thursday, November 8, 2012

a REAL day off

I'm off from work today, and it is wonderful...but...I feel a bit lost.  I don't have any appts or pressing errands.  It really is a day off.  Now, tomorrow, I have appts and places and then babysitting, so that is a normal day off.

So, this morning has been litter boxes, laundry, dishes, a li'l sweeping (with 4 cats and 2 dogs indoor, the pet hair gets a li'l, well, 'hairy') and some dusting.  (which I seriously need to do more of)

So, now what?  Should get in my scraproom, but seriously low on 'mojo'  Do have a short crop on Saturday, can plan projects for that...hmmm. definately need to do some ATC's for the swap.

Even though Thanksgiving will be at a family member's (who said don't bring anything)...I think I still wanna do a mini dinner here.  I just LOVE having leftovers.  So, I could plan the menu/grocery list for that.

Also, gotta think Christmas lists and shopping.

But I dunno, just don't feel like doing anything .

 Maybe I'll pull out some dvd's and call it a 'do nothing' day...or make those lists first.  ha!!!

cuz this blog is 'no good without pictures' here is one from our Zumba class.  just finished week 8, 2 more weeks, then a break...hope they offer it again in 2013...cuz this has been fun.  I'm not losing weight, cuz I've been eating pretty much whatever I want.  (so off the  my game,, there.  (also lost my mojo), but the class IS fun!  dd is the cutey in front in the teal blue shirt...I'm the chunk in dark capris and black shoes behind her...ha!!!

Here is the spread dd and ddil put together for grandbabie's 'bug' party to celebrate her new swing set.
I did help with the cricut create a critter bee/butterfly and such.  DD (a non scrapbooker) was surprised I don't do more decor with the cricut (she loved it)...and couldn't believe "you just use it for scrapbooking?"


and I loved this, We went to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park with the women's group from church.  This was at Shakespeare Park...closed to the public for a wedding...this li'l guy was a part of that wedding...complete with his doggy tux.

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