Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today is Christmas Celebration #1

With my son working the next 3 days, today, Sat the 22nd is our celebration with him and his family.

This is li'l Bailey, the first pic taken with my new camera!!

Its gonna be a busy next 5 days.

Today, for me, a li'l more after breakfast (our 'We're still here" breakfast)   I don't really have anything planned.  HOPING to get in my scraproom and organize (gasp, did you say organize?)   Then dinner/gifts at the kids.  I am making green beans and bread for the dinner.   The green bean recipe came from The Food Network magazine, and were such a hit at Thanksgiving, my ddil requested them to go with her ham tonight.  

But for everyone else, sounds like it is shaping up to be a busy day.  DH is waiting for the delivery of our new stove and dishwasher.  (our old stove broke last weekend).  Which he and dsil are going to install themselves. aye yi yi.

Mil and Fil are awaiting the delivery of their double wide trailer.  Which is gonna be set up on our property and will be their home.  Mil came out of her surgery GREAT, and last night was a great visit with them.  As dh says the best we've seen her in over a year.   Last night, we had an 'end of the world' dinner of personal pizzas (homemade dough) and I watched the first 2 Twilight movies.  or should I say had them on.

Tomorow morning, I have nursery at the church.  Then dsil (son in law, here) invited some good friends over for 'taco bar'.   Homemade queso and taco bar.  May play a game like Battle of the Sexes as well.

Monday morning, NOTHING planned, but there is a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service we will more than likely attend.  DH is also cooking that night.  Roast Beef and mashed potatoes.

Tues morning, stockings, pancake breakfast and kicking back.   I am hoping to get away to see Les Mis. (dh says he will take me...but we will see what he says when the time comes)  He HATES movie theaters and hasn't sat at one for years.   

And of course, I took Weds off, to check out the after Christmas sales. 

This year, I have been taking pics but not doing the JYC album with Shimelle.  Maybe during one of the down times, I'll start.   I do have a trip to Texas planned at the end of Jan...may take the pics there.

Oh, just saw that there is an ongoing Art Journal challenge at 2 Peas...I've always wanted to do Art Journaling.   Also need to finish my reading books...(not gonna hit my yearly goal...the Oct book really threw me off)  But I bought myself "You're Not the Boss of Me" for myself, as I've been accused of spoiling my dgd.   and there is talk of a li'l Love Dare type of Bible study between my girls and I.  

So, it makes for a very extended Christmas holiday, which I don't mind.   It is not great that ds has to work, but part of the 'price' of being a police officer.   Always thankful, we got Thanksgiving with him.

Hope ya'll have a great Christmas.

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