Monday, February 18, 2013

dizzy...what does THAT mean...

Saturday evening was great, we went to Henry's in Turlock and I had Moussaka...the entire Clan was there...after, the kids decided to go out for drinks, and asked me to 'hang out' with Missy for an hour or so...pffffffft, they don't need to ask.  But while hanging out with her, I kneeled down on the floor and got a sudden dizzy spell.  You know, where you just feel like, 'well, I did that too fast'...esp when you are older and overweight.

BUT I never fully recovered from it, and while the kids were driving me home...still felt 'groggy'.  By the time I closed my eyes for full twirling in my head.   I KNEW I wasn't moving but on the inside I felt like I was swirling around in circles.  BUT figured I would sleep it off.

Woke up Sunday morning and it was actually worse.  huh?   I used our bed post as a focal point, as I looked at it , it was as though the wall behind it would lift and twirl to the right.   Gotta say, I was getting scared.

So, I thought, maybe its like on the plane when you almost passed out.  So, I got up and ate some cereal and  half an better.  As I was walking I had to hang on to the walls to keep from falling.  It felt really strange.  So, I went on the could be ANYthing, from the start of a stroke or heart fluids in the ear.  

So, I talked to dh and ended up going back to bed...I was supposed to help at church, but asked him to cover for me.   BY the time dd left for church, the wall behind the bed post was no longer spinning, but I could not keep the bed post in focus.   So, went back to sleep, when I woke up at 11 am, again, this time no spinning and bed post was focused and I was hungry...hoooray.

Ate, and watched some of the North and South Marathon....but, after an hour or so, had a light headache, so took some tylenol (after eating, a lot!) and back came the lightheadedness.

So, spent the day on the couch.   Feeling like such a slug.   Did take a bath, early evening, used the stuff I bought on the cruise, you know, the miracle Algae/Seaweed bath soak that cost $69??/   Yeah, that one, (I can be such a sucker for upselling)...BUT gotta tell ya, I did feel better and even READ a couple of chapters of  The Book Thief.

DD made a wonderful Southwest Chicken Quinoa salad (such fresh tastes) and I am happy to say this morn is much better.  More 'normal' feeling.  

I know, I know, this is getting weird and as soon as I get my new insurance card I'll make an appt.  It is time for blood tests anyways for my high cholesterol.   BUT the insurance switch situation ....  so, I have not even had a prescription for my statins since November.  (the switch was officially in Dec).  

Today, I'm off work,  We have a new housekeeper starting this morn.  (that sounds better than it is, a friend's niece is going to do our heavy cleaning once a week for an hourly rate) (helps us with our schedules and 4 cats and 2 dogs in the house and helps her start up a business)  Funny thing, MJM spent the whole weekend cleaning (mostly putting things away) to prep for her...hmmmmmmm, if he is gonna do that, why hire someone?   ha!

Hey, I'm guilty too, I spent Friday afternoon organizing my closet.

So, while the gal is cleaning, I'll work on taxes.   Now talk about something that will make you dizzy.  ha!

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