Wednesday, February 20, 2013 it a sign of being preggo?


I have been doing some serious organizing/nesting around here.   On Friday it was my closet

Here are the before pics, as you can see, it needed some serious clean up....I did it shelf by shelf but finally got to this:

I need to spend some time now, going thru and organizing my jewelry.  All costume, cuz after being burglarized, I no longer buy 'the good stuff'.    

Oh, see the books in the first pic?  yeah, that is my 'to read' pile...bought after I counted my books last year...I had over 1500 books already.  Yeah.  I have no explanation, it is such an addiction...maybe I'm preparing for the apocolypse.  You know, when there won't be tv or computers anymore...
found this pajama top during the clean up, and Ain't it the truth?  All gals need more closet space.

Then Saturday morning I cleaned out my desk area.  I told the kids that "I'm nesting, I may be pregnant"

So, today, I was supposed to go to work...but, as I was leaving I discovered that my car keys were already there.  I won't tell who the absent minded person was...but yeah, and it is the only known set of keys.  The car was dd's during college...and in Texas, so, it's a good 7 or 8 years in the family and where the 2nd set of keys went is ANYone's guess.

So, spent the morning, sweeping pet hair.  and hopefully, can make my way into my scraproom.  Wouldn't that be something?  I haven't had a chance since before Christmas.   of course, gonna need to do some organizing I've been putting things in there.

AND, hoorah, signed up for the Pleasanton Expo Crop next month!  So gotta pull together my stuff...cannot W A I T !

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