Friday, July 12, 2013

weight loss reality check time

How goes the weight loss?   Well, I've taken a couple of months off. And have paid the price. Not a big regain...but maintaining the same rollercoaster of lose a li'l, regain it. Soooo, I'm back in the weight loss saddle again. 

During the month of June, went to Tx to visit my mom and sis...while there sis and I decided to challenge each other to lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving. (she has had a gain this year, but she also has some thyroid issues and her gain could be related to that).. 

We are both under a stressful situation...something related to mom (she is 81, so it is only the beginning of mom issues) ...and I do have a habit of eating my stress. You know, you get that gnawing feeling in your tummy...and I was feeding it. 

Anyways, this is the first week since that challenge that I have seriously made an attempt. 

When I talked to my Jenny's consultant about it we came up with a something small every 2 hours...instead of listening to that cue. So, I am fueling my body, not using food to satisfy an  'empty' feeling. 

So it is back to eating something small every 2 hours...and far, I have exercised twice this week (why did I give that up for a couple of months? I enjoy it so much) 

And it does feel good. Can I say I've been totally successful? No, I've gone 'over' my calorie allowance...still need to tweak.

So, they short term goal is to lose that 20 lbs by Thanksgiving...I call it "Lose a turkey to have turkey"...gobble gobble! 

Guess I need more of these...(its a smoothie with kale)

And keep my mind on these...

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