Tuesday, August 20, 2013

now I know,

it's been a long time since 'blogging' and though my life has been busy, can't say its been all that interesting...

Still doing the Sunday School with the 5th and 6th graders...last Sunday the director asked me if I would be continuing...and though my last Sunday (2 weeks ago)  was AWFUL...we have a kid who only comes once in a while, but he is a li'l out of control...but, I think I will continue.   (I had last Sunday 'off' as the youth group kids took over, and actually sat in church).  

We are finishing our art journals, and for September the pastor has asked us to do lessons based on the book, The Circle Maker.   UNFORtunately the kids curriculum was not what he thought...so, we are going to have to build from scratch.   One idea I had was to do ATC cards based on the armor of God...but wanted to use different armor than just ancient Rome.   Thought of medeival, samari, futuristic (was watching Avengers last night)...but we'll see if I can put THAT together.

Did go to the Expo earlier this month...soooo much fun.  Had an odd 'situation'.  There was an awful smell under my part of the table.  JUST could not figure it out. At one point I thought it that the cats pee'd in my stuff while I was packing.   But, there  was a small rolling cart of cardstock and misc paper...some of it embellished by glitter by the manufacturer.   Let's just say, that once I moved it to the other end of the table...the smell went away.  Instead of reaching down to get cardstock, had to consign myself to getting up for it.

The product I fell in love with this year was Kiwi Lane.   Every year I tell myself, "I'm not going to spend that much money"....HA!  My layouts are still 'unpacked' so I'll have pics later.

oooh, I also got the chance to work with my Prima Paper Doll stamp...

the paper piecing was time consuming...but this is very addicting.  Funny note, when I showed Adriana this card, she said, "she needs something on her legs".  I told her, 'next time we can give her stockings'

  which leads to my 2nd new addiction...a friend loaned me hers to do the pink headband and shoes...

Inka Gold Metallic Rub

now, my friend has every color...but I got gold, green and purple (mardi gras)...no pink, she said it was a special order.

Also have been re organizing my scraproom.  Redid my ribbon storage.  and today will tackle buttons.
So, I'd better get started.

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