Saturday, February 22, 2014

gotta make the changes

Just got back from a 2.5 day trip to Reno.  Came home a touch sick, intestinal disturbances...yikes.  I'm simply not healthy in that dept.   Go from one extreme to the other.   I just slept after getting home last night, and skipped dinner.

I know when I was on a healthy eating plan thru Sparkpeople, I did not have these issues and know that it is my body saying "What the Hell are you doing?".   But, I just wanna.  I just wanna eat the things I love and taste good to me.  I know, I know...

Did get to scrapbook in the hotel room one of the days.  Got quite a bit done of Adriana's 2013 book...but need to embellish.   Could not pack a lot, so quite a bit still needs to be done.

Sometimes, I kinda get ...hmmmm, not tired...but, uninspired.  Sometimes, I feel like all there is a vertical or horizontal layout of pics and papers.   Do you ever get that way?   Guess its time to spice things up and try something different.  

any ideas?

In the effort to get my lifestyle change going again, I am trying to spend more time on Sparkpeople.  I guess for a while, I'll need to give up my screen time on 2 Peas and go to Spark.   I joined a reading challenge on Sparkpeople's bookworms' group.  Plan out 12 books to read this year,  Never preplanned a book reading list...just usually grabbed what interested me as I went.  I have sooooooooo many books in my 'to be read' piles in my closet.  and the sad thing, I have even bought more this month.  siiiiiiiiiigh.

I did re-read Jesus Freaks by DC Talk and Voice of the Martyrs while traveling.   Wow.  Soooo inspirational, how bravely and with love and joy the martyrs met their deaths/torture for being Christians.  And it goes on today.   It really makes you think.

Okay, gotta unpack the scrap stuff, embellish those pages and put them in the book.  

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