Sunday, February 23, 2014


remember that old saying?  WWJD, what would Jesus do?   In our Sunday school, the kids and I have been talking about God's love.  We started with an agape love, a story about John T Ferrier, who sacrificed his is in Night Light a devotion I am doing.   Then we talked about Loving your Neighbor as YOURSELF, loving your enemies, that love is a verb (1st Corinthians)...and last week talked a little bit about what loving our brothers and sisters in Christ. And it came up that...

"For a Christian, love is a person.  Love is Jesus of Nazareth.  If you want to know what love is, look at what Jesus did, what Jesus said, and what Jesus refused to do, and you'll know how love works and how it doesn't.  Take your life and set it u next to Jesus's life:  How does my life compare to the life of Jesus of Nazareth?  Do I get mad at the things Jesus got mad at?  Do I weep at the things Jesus wept over? If you want to know what love is, Jesus is it"  from The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre...(as I read this section, I was thinking ...why am I not reading this book?.. My dd went to Mike's church and got this for me years ago)

So, I asked the kids to spend the week looking thru the book of John and noting what Jesus did and said.


And I sit here Sunday morning wondering what I am going to 'teach' ... wha,wha,wha....uhhhh (yes, that is the sound of a brain sputtering and overloading)

okay, let's break it down.

there were  a lot of miracles and healings and prophesies  that I don't think we can do.

but there was humility and serving...can you imagine my bringing foot washing stuff to class?

there was forgiving of sins and redeeming sinners...the story of the adulterous woman and the woman at the well...and speaking of woman at the well, how about talking to those who are looked down upon.

not only Samaritans, but children....

He always spoke the truth, even when it would 'cost' him.

obedience to the will of the Father, time taken in prayer...

can ya'll think of anything else??

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