Friday, March 14, 2014

Fit to Win group, let's see if it helps any

Fit to Win is a group I am joining today.  This is their 2nd round, there is a $10 buy in...and if you gain weight during the time period...a $1 per lb pound.  The stakes are divided by the top 2 winners (loss of lbs by %) at the end.  This one will go till May 2nd.

I was a li'l nervous about joining.  AS I am traveling to Houston next week...and those trips don't tend to be good for weight loss (too many good restaurants I don't have out here in the CA boonies).   But perhaps this will provide an incentive not to eat my way thru Houston...ha!!

This week I kinda lost my 'eye of the tiger" I had last week.  Too many 'over-calorie' days ...siiiigh
But no gain.   hmmmmmmm.    

need a plan, need a plan, neeeeeeeeed a plan.  

I have been finding healthy foods here on Spark and putting them  into next week's tracker, then I hope to 'use the create a shopping list' feature. ...  and stick to it.  

I hope to find healthy foods good for my mom's diabetes...and that she will like, cuz my mom is soooooo small and skinny.   She needs a li'l weight, I need to lose.  So planning that balance has been a, well, difficult.

A friend, who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes told me NO STARCH!  But, my mom is starch, no rice?   YIKES!

my sis has a wii, so that will be exercise.  I can do short walks with my mom...but she is very old (81) and does not have much least for a brisk mile walk in Houston humidity.

aye.  yi. yi.

My sis is finding signs on the internet that she is being stalked by the awful family member.  Guess we all have one of those don't we, the one who circles like a vulture looking for any vulnerability she thinks she can profit from.  siiiiiiiigh.

oh well, today is not about family drama... I get to go to the kids' house and see the grandbabies.

But I did get a Winkflash order in so I will be scrapbooking .... and Saturday is Pleasanton Expo...and a couple of friends and I are going.  So far, we are riding together (we can split the parking fee)...sooooo looking forward to checking it out.   WISH I was cropping, but that is okay.  We have the crop in May...a cabin rental...with 12 crafting gals.  (happy dance, happy dance)

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