Saturday, March 8, 2014

had a good day yesterday...and some generational baby pics

Gotta admit, been getting discouraged with dgd #2 (4 months old)....she has not seemed to warm to me.  Usually when I hold her, she cries .... I just can't get her preferred 'football hold' correct.  I LOVE her, but the last time I had her for an hour, gotta admit, I did end up with earplugs.   (my ears were ringing...ringing, I tell ya)

So, when I was approached about spending yesterday, Fri morning with her, I was a li'l concerned.  Mom had volunteered to be a part of a police dept training (think she played 'hostage') and was up till 4am or so.
And we were hoping to give her a chance to sleep.

So, arrive 7 am...dgd #2 is still sleeping.   Take big sis to school, come back and dgd #2 (Kyleigh)....wakes up a li'l before feeds her and then gives her to me, "while she is still happy".   We pack up the stroller and go for a walk.  To Walmart, as Catching Fire is released...and then took the long way home.   All I can say, is we had such a good day.  I learned that she is ticklish and laughs when you give her belly zerbits...and we took a load of pics...and she fell asleep in my arms while we had P.S I Love You on.   (I think she likes Gerard Butler)

Anyways, I was a li'l sad when the morning was over.  But never sad to pick up her big sis from preschool.

 Oh!! here is a pic of Adriana @ the same age......
And here is their daddy.... a definite family resemblance...ha!!!

And here is Auntie C.C.....hey, at least I did not do barebottom blankie pics...ha!!!!!

wish I had pics of Nyki at this age...cuz she would not be 'safe'....

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