Thursday, May 29, 2014

cards! and plans for my next visit to TX

I got to make some cards during the retreat,
and guess what, I actually used them!    The top left was a card I made my sis, the top right part of a 'swap', bottom left b-day card for ddil...and bottom right anniversary card for dd and dsil.  The prima doll card was sent to a gal who needs a li'l encouragement.  

Can I just say, I love these Prima dolls...I have quite a few, and yesterday I bought 3 more.  They are the only reason I started buying 6x6 the patterns would be good for their clothes.  

I started a new book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body" by Dr. Daniel Amen...don't see anything new about living a healthy lifestyle.  But gotta say it adds new motivation for just doing it.  Well, what is 'new' is his recommendations for supplements that target where your wrong thinking just may be.  I am one who does question the Dr's science...seems a little subjective...and the book does have a li'l bit of a selling focus.  BUT it is motivating me to keep/make/maintain the lifestyle changes that I KNOW work.  And to stop the slide back to the bad habits/foods/emotions that bring me down.

I took the day off from work.  Toward the end of the month, just not much for me to picks up at the first of the month.  BUT I am going to Tx to 'mom' sit, so that will throw the 'close' off.  (I do accounting) 

ANYways, inspired by this book, I've decided to take the days in Texas to concentrate on vegetarian meals.  Looks like that would be good for mom and her Altzheimer's also.   When I went in March, I made her smoothies every morning.  She hated them.  She told me, 'what is this ookey stuff!", we will see how she responds to vegetarian meals.     When I first started my lifestyle change in 2009, I went without meat for 2 weeks, and I do remember I felt great!  If it were up to me and dd, we probably would be primarily vegetarian or pescatarian...but, we married carnivores who are against it.

so, what shall I do with my day off?  Can play in my need to plan for Sunday School...orrrr, make a Hobby Lobby and Burlington run.  DH does want me to buy some new clothes...hmmmmmmmm

Will take pics of a some of the Disney layouts I did at the retreat.   Disney is such a fun book to do!

Ooooh, cuz this house is in 'kitten' mode, here is a pic I took last night.  sooo much fun, sooo hard to get a pic...soooo adorable!

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