Friday, June 27, 2014

Caffeine detox and 2 Peas withdrawal.

Interesting week.   After a day of overdoing the caffeine, and thinking I was going to have a heart attack.  I decided to go on a 'detox'.  Yesterday was the day with NO caffeine - whoa... the headaches.  I could not decide if blood was going to spurt out of my head or if my skull was simply going to fall off my shoulders.  Then by evening, after a tiff with dh, I started to get TMJ, you know that head/body ache from clenching your jaw so you won't say what you are really thinking?  The nausea wasn't too bad, I felt it more this morning.

So day 2, for a week I am allowed to have half my regular amounts of caffeine, then that gets cut in half next week and by week 3, I should be off.

So, this morn I made myself a very weak cup of tea...with lots of milk...and did not even finish it.  Gotta say, even before the tea, I did feel better.  Headache this morn was limited to my right temple w/ a li'l of the tmj feeling.

AND 2 peas is closing, the boards were just shut down.  2 peas was my 'guilty pleasure'.  I was not real active, and yes, there were some 'mean girls' over there (I had put most of the name callers on ignore)...but I will miss the boards and gallery.

Their scrapbooking gallery was awesome...wonder if I can 'pin' some of my old favorites.  And the scrapbooking discussions really kept me 'on top' of what was new in the hobby.  I got my cutterpillar pro after it was discussed on the boards (and I still LOVE it)

But even the political threads could be 'enlightening'...those that could articulate without the name calling really helped me to see the perspective of the 'other side'.   And I think discussions like that help to de-polarize...helped us to see the humanity of those wrong headed others...I am going to miss that.  Even the religion threads were that way.  I just loved MoveableFeast and her ability to articulate the Christian Faith.

And despite the aisle you were politically, I could see genuine compassion for those who were hurting.

 And the discussions about fun shows, the weekly book thread (got lots of reading ideas from that), threads with puppies/kitties....  Yeah, I'm gonna miss that board.

But when shipping got astronomical, I was one who stopped shopping.  And you could see the lack of product, so kinda knew this was coming.

Hopefully with a decrease in headaches, I can get in my scraproom today.   Just a couple more layouts and finishing the cover I will be done with the Disney book....

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