Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Crop

Finally had a chance to scrap today.  Was hoping to be able to do a little all weekend, but got very busy.  I actually gave up a family bbq to crop today.    I kept calling it a "Labor Day Crop" and last night when there was chocolate cream pie left...I told the family "I'll just take it to my crop".  Fooled dh, but son in law called me on it...'but you are the only one going'...ha!

Spent about 6 hours, know this cuz I watched 3 movies.  ha! For me, watching Secretariat when scrapping is not a good idea.  No matter how many times I watch that movie, I always 'ugly cry' at the know, when Secretariat is running that last race of the triple crown...and Penny quotes the Bible verse, and they play "Oh Happy Day"...holy moley...took me a few minutes to compose myself.

 Got a lot organized from Expo, layouts into books and finished some..also got a few new ones done.

This was the first 'new' layout done today...I was about 3 hours into my cropping for this first dgs #1...#2 is on his way...

Had a helper during the last few hours...Adriana was actually over for the first part, she made a card for her Uncle...and I sewed a stuffed animal for her.  But while she was here, worked on the Expo stuff.  It was funny, she looked at a pic of a tiny baby I was working on...and told me, "Hey that's Kyleigh's blanket and That is Kyleigh's , why is Jase using it?".   "Ummm, because that is baby Kyleigh"... I mean they are all cousins, and do look a lot alike.   

One of my first time using pre bought die cuts...did not know you had to finish gluing them together!  I used them on page 2 also, (not pictured) .  This was tough, so many colors, that matting pics took a while.

Cannot take credit for these pics, the kids' friend, Matt Schenk, who is a professional photographer out of Las Vegas took them.   Too pretty to crop, so let them speak for themselves with very simple paper choices.   and a fox from Newton's Nook stamps.

This is an unfinished layout, nothing is glued down.  I like the frame around Big Memories card...but feel it may be too dark.  May pull out a cricut cart and make my own with a different color.  These pics are also Matt's . 

Oh, fess up accountablility.   This is from my Stamp Club, Stamps of Life...siiiigh, gotta start thinking about Christmas.  ALREADY!!!

My Geisha Anya arrived.  Ain't she cute!!

This is from a couple of weeks ago.  Got the C plate for my cuttlebug...and more Best Friends stamps...of course more Echo Park (which is just about a fave pp manufacturer right now)

These were from Amazon this past week.  Boy papers, (2nd grandson is on the way)   and I actually used the die in the first layout.  But I may need lessons on how to use these in my cuttlebug die cutter, as I ended up leaving an impression on the 'B" plate  before I figured out how to cut into the paper.  Youtube time!

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