Monday, August 24, 2015

weekend catch up...and some organizing too

 Was able to finish some of the pocket pages from Expo over the weekend...this one, I know doesn't have a lot of scrapping going on...but I was sooo proud, cuz i finally used one of my hamster stickers!!

this one I did quite a bit...adding the washi, the cow and the card...kinda low on pics on this page....

and this is one of my faves...but cannot post all of  it cuz dgd is just wearing a diaper...guess she is dressed Indiana country style.  but I did love the mason jar paper and the stamps. (Newton's Nook)   

I still have blank spaces in my pockets, but guess as I do more of them, I will get better at it.

I was inspired by a thread on 2 peas to re-organize my kits.  I have been subscribing for years.  First it was Bad Girls, till she stopped (siiiigh, I loved those kits) Now it is Scrapbook Circle which I also love, her taste is what I like...before I had them stored in these oversize bins...

found these on  They are sized 14x14 so Iris bins fit in them!
Now they are catagorized by 'brands' (Teresa Collin, Sassafrass kits) feminine, neutral, themes, and masculine.  With one bin fairly open...right now it has packs that have multiples of one sheet.  I don't buy many of those, but did pick up a couple at last Expo.  I do like to keep my kits together, as when I pull them out to use, I like that they have embellies already pre-done for me.
This last area is then next to be tackled, At Expo I started dgs's 1st need to work on finishing those layouts.  I use the center table in my room as a catch all for current project.
The piles, containers and even Iris cases on the floor are all baby boy stuff.  Still need to work on this process.   But it is next.  

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