Saturday, October 8, 2016

rest of September...yup, September

September was a heck of a month, every weekend booked, back to babysitting full crafting and housework fell behind.  

Actually October weekends are looking just about the same,  but I had this morning off.

So what do I spend the first 2 hours doing?  Cat litter, bathrooms, strip bed,  kitchen (cleaning countertops, scrubbing sinks)(good thing about this is you have to put things away as you go...amazing how much stuff gets piled on the kitchen counters), 2 loads laundry...and I wonder, how do the working moms do this?  How did I do this when I was a working mom?   I did not touch the dusting and floors and quite honestly, I AM time to go in my craft room for a bit.

So before I post anything Oct purchase are some Sept...

Stamps from the Facebook Swap and Sell group.  I've had the Harriet Hippo in my Etsy cart for a while, so was ecstatic to see these.

 Washi from Etsy...can never have enough washi??? right???
 my Fun Stampers Journey Bloom box for Sept...I'm pretty excited, these are cutie patooties
and Sept's Scrapbook Circle, love all the ombre...unfortunately I opened it in front of dgd so she called the one that looks like jewels.... I think I convinced her to 'share' it.

Okay off to my room. I participated in a swap and need to get that package out....


darkchami said...

It's so much fun to get new scrappy things. I would like to get my hands on some of those black star sequins.

Yes, one can have too much washi. I just can't seem to fall in love with mine. Well, except the really really thin ones. Those get used quite often.

Amy Vanden brink said...

Looks like some fantastic supplies Karen! Who wouldn't want jewels?!? Dangerous business opening them in from of your gd!

LisaDV said...

Lots of new goodies to play with. Hope you get a bit more time this month between all of the other activities.