Monday, May 29, 2017

Reclaiming my scrap space - hooray!!

The crazy weather was in Feb, but we are just now starting to remove sandbags and put things back within the house.   Figuring we are not going to flood....ooooooh, I hope that is right.

Not done, yet.  Still have a couple more boxes at a friend's house, one more at the kids'....and that may be it!  wow.

Last week I started by taking things off 3 tables that were just 'off the floor'. Not packed just stacked.  I could walk in my hallway and small room again!!

This is before I received the bins that were at our friends' house, the one filled with completed albums.   So, it is not going to stay that empty looking.  ha!

This weekend, our friends brought by 4 of the bins...and I have been orgainzing what was in bins here.  This is the entry wall.  Flower collections, ribbons, buttons project life.  The button area was redone this morning.  (after pics)  Thinking of putting a curtain over the entertainment section in the middle.

I kept a table to use as a work island, this is in front of it.  A cutting station so to speak... in the cubbies are cricut/slice/punches.   

and on top some of the buttons (man, really wanted to get it all on one shelf, but oh well) and kiwi lane templates.

Karen!  put away your tool.  This is the revamped button and project life shelf.  Put my 6x6 pads with project life, cuz that is why I buy them...for pocket pages.  

This is the biggest change area...bought the cubbies and now it holds ephemera and embellies that are organized by catagory.  (some of these were on the metal shelves in the 2nd pic...that area is now my 'other' crafts spot. (NSBR if you are a 2 Pea Refugee)

and the area facing it.  Won't stay clear for long...but looks pretty nice now.

Okay, will probably keep updating and have 3 more bins of stuff coming.  ha!!

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