Monday, September 19, 2011

wanted to post pics of my sis's scrapspace

to the 'untrained eye' it may look insane, but once you know my sister's organization, its a scrappers paradise.

This is 'my side' when I the middle island with the goodies. She is one who takes her scraps and premakes tags and such, she keeps them on a lazy susan in the middle and I was using them!! An idea I'd like to start doing.

this is her corner, I like how she has the corkboard so she can see all the embellies for the album she is working on. She had her Costa Rica trip out, so she had all her beachy summery embellies out. Under the desk are all her Iris containers filled with embellies organized by theme.

I don't organize by theme, but I do like her system. I tend to organize by type.

This is the 'tool' corner. Including her cricut create.

My sis does not go to crops, she has everything she wants at her fingertips. I LOVE going to her place...I usually just bring pics/ papers/ adhesives and I am set.

I do try to not use too many of her consumable embellies...unless she gives them to me....but I know how I'd feel is someone using my room used up my fave Primas or something, you know. She has been teasing me, that she is going to start charging me a scraproom 'use fee'.

Next June we are planning to go to the GASC Arlington, then to her place to crop.

Hope it works out!

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Heather Landry said...

Thanks for sharing her space! I always love seeing how everyone else organizes their goodies. =0)