Tuesday, September 20, 2011

scrap spaces...

On 2 peas is a thread about scrap spaces, including pics. I don't think I have any pics of my set up...but in this pic from last August's Expo you can kinda see it. I'm the empty space in the left bottom of the pic.

Last weekend's crop I took this

Its an AutoExec collapsable file tote made for cars. I used it to pack my tools and put it on a chair next to me to keep everything at hand. I love that it is collapsable for storing at home, that you can configure it with the velcro'd walls and that it has a cover for transporting it. It kept my gypsy, punches, stamps, cropadile, a couple of magazines...and my travel journal and Rick Steve's all within reach. It isn't tall enough to transport paper, but I kept the 'kit' I was working on in it.

I've got another crop coming up on Oct 1st...yay! I do love to crop. I don't bring a lot of embellishments, I figure if I get the base page done, I can embellish at home.

Maybe I'll think to take a better pic of my space set up. ha! I do have a li'l crop buddy, a plastic karate smurf. He fell in my bag once...and he's been going to crops with me ever since.

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