Sunday, December 11, 2011

pictures, please

I've had a hard time blogging, cuz I'm having a hard time with the transfer of pics from camera to computer. BUT I'll get a bonus, so is a new Coolpix in my future?

I am going to do the Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle again...but...have not started. Yesterday I worked a bit on a Christmas card, I'm not 100% into it...gotta figure out how to 'tweak'. I only hand make a few cards, not all of them.

the t-shirt says, "What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will", ummmm how true.

BUT today, dh and I plan to make limoncello. Our tree is FULL of late lemons. BUT the thought of sitting around and 'zesting'...ugh. But you don't know till you try...right???

okay, hopefully after transferring pics...I'll post some of my tree for this year. I really like them!! But I like my tree every year. Decorating them is something I do enjoy. I limited myself to 2 this year...

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