Saturday, December 17, 2011

traveling, traveling...

Been traveling this past week. Went to Verdi for one of dh's company's annual meeting and Christmas Party. So, we got to stay at the Grand Sierra. I'm not 100% crazy about our room. It was nice, spacious (we got a 'tower' room) BUT it sure is dark.
ANYWAYS, traveling means not eating as well. BIG dinner at Charlie Palmer's on Weds night (had was good) and at the party...and fast food while traveling home. It was the fast food, KFC, that was not agreeable to me. When you don't eat fried food feel it when you 'indulge'.

Of course when you come home, there is sooooooo much to do. I don't have a laptop, so when traveling I don't do much on the internet. Only when dh's is available to me. Which it wasn't this time, as he was in the meeting all day with it. Which on one hand is kinda nice..till you see your inbox. And I have 2 email accounts.

BUT I am getting dd's laptop for Christmas. Her dh got a ZOOM (I think that's what its called), she gets his old laptop and I get hers.

I'm up at 4am...started laundry, and the dishwasher. I've noticed a trend of waking up earlier and earlier. That is a part of getting older (er, more seasoned) isn't it? One of the dogs was 'woofing' and that woke me up.

I decided against the card I just wasn't 'right'. I liked the pic, but not the, I'll use storebought (I tend to buy a couple of boxes during the day after Christmas sales, so I have some). AND with the purchase of a few more gift cards...I'm done!! yahoo!!

Today, the main goal is to finish the scrapbook gift...and take a nap.

This year, I'm in charge of veggies and desert for the Christmas dinner. hmmmmmmmm

I got a nice bonus for Christmas. I've already spent half of it...I got myself the Nikon S6100 bundle at Best Buy. My old point and shoot was acting up. Now, I've got to teach myself this is all touch screen. But I'm excited.

Our pastor asked us to bring our Christmas wish list to church on Sunday. I've started it...but sometimes it feels so 'trite' to write out your wish list. But maybe that is part of the exercise.

I'm thinking about Cathy Z's weight loss/scrapbook class on BPS. Maybe it will help motivate me to break this plateau. I'm also thinking Couch 2 5k. From what I am seeing, running is the best way to lose weight...and keep it off. But I guess that falls into the New Year's resolution category.

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