Wednesday, January 25, 2012

been reading, a lot...

working on my 4th book. Though, I gotta admit, only one book was difficult to read...the rest have been fun and easy.

I work and commute with dh, he works a long day..sometimes he doesn't leave the office till 5:30 or so. He is a CEO and he says that means "Check Everything Out". I will not work that long. My Brain turns to mush @3:30 or that gives me a li'l while to read. I have also taken myself off of a website I was spending a lot of time on...and now I read. It has been a great new discipline.

First there was Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. This book was work for me, the language a li'l difficult for my 'modern mind'...and all the time spent describing scenery. Then I figured this was written during a time when a lot of people did not have the opportunity to they loved all the scenic descriptions I was finding tedious. The story was good. I hope to read 1 'classic' every quarter. I'm thinking Don Quixote for 2nd Q, April.

Then, Sugar Queen, the Bound Together group book I selected. Just a lot of fun.

Then, Hunger Games...oh my, this book made me cry. And just held me so spellbound, I could not put it down. Think Survivor meets Lord of the Flies meets Demolition Man. I just may have to get the rest of this series.

Now, Don't Look Behind You...a true crime by Ann Rule. It is good...prob not the best of the month.

I really like being part of Bound Together (on goodreads). It stretches me to read books I may not have chosen myself. The book I selected for next month is The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration. I just haven't read much along these lines. I'm always afraid these books will be written with a subjective political narrative. I like history, I like biographies...but I know these things can be subjective instead of objective. So, we'll see how it goes.

Work is nuts. End of year...blah...but I am getting those tax forms out on time...and balancing to 30 cents at one company...and 44 cents at the other. I'm always happy with that.

PLUS our HR gal is leaving and I've been training to do her stuff. For me, it will be temporary...the new gal arrives mid-May...and its my dd!!! YAY!! dd and dsil will be moving to NoCal from Texas for a while. This way he can go to school full time after getting out of the Corps...and she can get HR experience to go with her Masters. Hopefully it is a 'win win' for them.

Of Course, I'm excited...I HATE being half a country away from them. Though it is understood they will go back. They love Texas and it is where they want to stay. I love Texas and dream of going back also. But, dh is not in the position to move...and since I 'kinda like' him too...I'll have to stay with him. ha!!

I've had good luck so far with the weight loss. On 12-29, I weighed in at 175.6...last Monday 170.4!! I was so focused and doing so well. Catch the 'was'? Yeah this past weekend I ate 'off plan' (I do Jenny Craig) and its been hard to go back ever since. I just crave real, good food! Oh well, I'll find my rhythm again! I certainly won't give up!

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