Sunday, April 1, 2012

March was a busy month...

did a couple of swaps...and a huge project for church..also went to the Expo.

Felt like I could not 'catch' my breath this month, and April is not looking any easier. Have a 'close' deadline at work, more training...looks like I'll be working a LOT in April. Then May is when dd and dsil will be moving here. Wow, hopefully things will be back to normal by June. Well, what is normal for a 3 day work week!!
Here are a couple of pics from the church project, did 10 of these signs for the Easter Fair. Good thing I have a cricut, but goodness cutting that may letters was still time consuming and crazy. Used the Don Juan font. Now, for the bigger letters all I had was Hobby Lobby's Paper Studio pack in black...oh my, that stuff is sooooo bad in a cricut, its fibrous and falls apart on the matt and does not come off very clean. Luckily, I made a trip to Michaels for their Recollection pack for the smaller letters.

My granddaughter did the backgrounds for the 'Pin it' and "Registration" signs...all I can say is 'she's a natural artist'. Really, I was working on other signs, and she was left pretty much to herself with the paint and brushes. The hand print was my funny, after we did hers...she told me, "now I get to paint your hands"

This project took quite a few days, getting the critters and letters cut, the sign blanks wrapped in kraft then the painting. A couple other kids helped. They each did a sign for me.

Earlier in the month, I did this Season's swap with a group at Splitcoast Stampers

I loved the butterflies so much I used them on an ATC swap at

then there was a page candy swap also at

That turned out to be a li'l harder than I thought, keeping to the theme, but keeping generic enough that hopefully it would be usable for other scrappers. phew!!

this month, with the upcoming work schedule, I only signed up for the ATC swap.

AND hopefully this month I can squeeze in some time to scrap some pages. Well, maybe not, still clearing out the back suite for the kids. We'll see how it all works out!!

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