Monday, April 16, 2012

my 'slice' died

This weekend, it's official, it just makes an odd long whirrr noise and does absolutely nothing else. I tried to 'hone' it, but get an error message. Its an older machine, so out of warranty. Plus reading the slice lovers machine, sound like customer service is not much help for the machines over a year old.

So, what to do, I've invested so much in cards and accessories. A part of me is kinda disappointed with the whole thing. Did I get $100's use out of it all told? Would it be better to sell what I have left? decisions, decisions.

I love the images and fonts. Even though most of the images I have are pretty one dimensional.

Now, it was the original machine and a 'calibration' card was helped with the original issues. I liked it, but never found it 'portable' as advertised. It really needed to be plugged in, just to give it the power to make a good cut.

So, what would you do, sell what's left or try again with the Elite?

3 more weekends till dd and dsil come out here. Soooooo looking forward to having them here/near. I sooooooo missed her. I know, I know, she's a married woman it isn't about having my 'baby' back.

Got to spend a lot of the weekend with Adriana, I just LOVE any time I get with that li'l girl. My li'l boo. I think I'm taking her to dance class tonight, maybe we'll stop and get a li'l spaghetti afterwards.

Been working on more ATC cards. The April set for an exchange at

And at a crop last week, on a Tues, spring break for the other gals in the group, but I got the day off...worked on my European Cruise...ALMOST done with the day in Turkey.

for books like this, I tend to do 2 page layouts...I like to use kits like the ones I get from Scrapbook Circle and Scrapbook Nook...but there is usually only one page of a certain, I need to 'spread it' to 2 pages...can get a li'l challenging. At crops I tend to get the pics down...then embellish later. So, I have a whole stack awaiting embellishment and book placement.

At this pace, I may be finished with the cruise this year. I'll be able to start last October's Hawaii album next year...ha!!!!

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