Monday, September 17, 2012

a morning to myself, well, away from home

So, what would you do with a morning to yourself?

Away from home, so laundry and dishes are not an option?

In a hotel in Reno?  hmmmmm

Dh and I are here on a quick business trip, we got a suite at the Silver Legacy ...already used the whirlpool tub and exercise room (last night)...have a couple of hours to myself while he goes to a breakfast meeting.

Got room service, playing on the 'net, no good shows on the tv...don't wanna pay 11 to 14 dollars for an in room movie...wish I had my scrapbook stuff (I'll remember for next time)...hmmmmmmmm

Speaking of scrapbook stuff, guess what I discovered yesterday?  Dh needed some aspirin so we stopped at the Safeway at McCarran Exit(as you enter Reno)....a couple of doors down....oooh la la...a beautiful and thriving and OPEN scrapbook store.  Called Scrapbook Paradise.  They were in the midst of a Sunday crop and YOU KNOW I did a little shopping.  With dh in the car, I only checked out one side of the store, but, oh yeah, great lines and stamps...okay, I did manage to spend @$65.  The Graphic 45 Birdsong is gorgeous in person...and they have a great Copic selection.  Did not pick up any stamps, but gotta admit one stays in mind and I'm wishing I nabbed it.  Too bad dh took the car...or I'd make a quick trip.

Also, had a yummy room service breakfast.  If you ever stay at the Silver Legacy, I HIGHLY recommend the ham and eggs and hash browns...and the oj is soooo fresh tasting and YUMMY!

but now I've got a couple of hours to kill...and I'm not a gambler so not interested in that...I SHOULD read my book...oh well, we'll head out ...and stop by Ikeda in Auburn on the way home.  ANOTHER recommendation if ya'll are ever that way.  I usually get an assortment of dried fruit and veggies for my mom, they also have fresh made pies...a wall of hot sauces...dips, fresh veggies/fruits, nuts, premade dips and salsas, pre-seasoned meats and a li'l restarant area for a lunch too.  I had a chicken pot pie once and it was YUMMMY!!

okay, lets see what can be accomplished...ha!!!!

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