Monday, September 24, 2012

family ...what can you say

We are in the midst of a family medical situation.  Can't say much as my dh's side is very private.  BUT a situation has come up, and the question of do you tell the estranged child?   There are 3 brothers, but only 2 involved in the family.   It seems to be by dysfunction/choice...all the above.  So, there is something going on,.. no one knows how it is going to end, can go 'either way' at this the 3rd son called?

Dh did call his brother, or convinced his parent to...and this brother 'cussed' that parent out.  Finally, dh took the phone and told him to stop.   This is a person who brings a lot of drama and that is probably why parent was hesitant/not up to/nor willing to call.

All the rest of us can get about the situation is that the hospital is testing...and it is not know what is going on, what is going to happen.

This is kind of an odd family also.  If it were my mom, I'd be on an airplane then at the hospital with her.  But this family is not.  Not even a visit at the hospital yesterday...just odd to me.  I know that is probably 'practical'...nothing anyone can do that the drs cannot do...but isn't being there important too?

okay, I'll stop talking in code.

Now, I've been in daily contact with my sis about this situation...just having someone to talk to, bounce your feelings with...has been so helpful.

Been spending a lot of time on Sparkpeople.  Signed up for the SparkCoach, and it has been really helpful.  By logging in everyday to see the short video, to log my day before and how I'm doing on my daily goals is very motivating.

Despite the odd week, and not so good eating, I've lost a li'l weight this past week.

We had the family over for a smoked brisket.  11 people in all, we had to bring out the 'kiddy' table.  Adriana 'picked' who she wanted to sit with her, it was me, my dd and my sis in law, Linda.  We had a good time at the kiddy table...ha!!!  oh, to be li'l Adriana.   The only grandchild, great grandchild and niece.  She is a li'l spoiled.  ha!!! and a li'l bossy...double ha!!

I've got the day off, been doing a li'l housework...after weekend clean up type of stuff.  And hope to work on my LOTW.   So, much fun.  I just plugged in my Slice...

and I'm ready to go.  ha!!

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