Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the 'Laurel and Hardy' of ranch hands

A couple of mornings ago, both DH and Dsil (son in law) were out and the feeding of the horse was left for me and dd.  My fil took care of the cows.   The night before, dh showed us what to do.  IN the past, I simply had to walk across the pasture, and throw a flake into her pen.  BUT the fields were irrigated the day before, so the pasture is now a swamp.  It now requires driving the golf cart to the front gate, down the road a bit and going up the 2nd gate.  (fil gave us that golf cart a while back, and that thing has become a lifesaver).  Okay.  DD and I can do that.   Oooooo boy.

6:30, I get up a li'l late.  DD meets me in the kitchen and we decide to go feed the horse...while she is getting dressed I go to the garage to prep the bucket and get the golf cart.  Go to the garage door...and its locked.  FINE, just go get the key...minor irritation.   DD joins me and we are looking for the bucket.  where is it?  OH!  dh left it in the pen last night, and was supposed to go back and get it, guess he forgot, FINE, we find a shoe box to use.  Fill it up and get into the golf cart.  Tell dd she is driving...good thing, cuz dsil had parked his truck in the driveway behind it...okay...a few 'Austin Power's moves" and a lot of laughs and dd gets us going.

We get down to the front gate, and it's locked...'do you have the key?"  No key, so we back up to the house so I can grab the right key.

We finally get to the pen.  Now due to the flooding, cannot go around the corral but thru.  Now our horse is a bit of a snit...and she does not esp seem friendly to us girls.  (I call her the Diva) we are both not comfortable with her...but we give her a carrot and go in.  I head for the back fence, which I need to climb to get to the hay...and I hear dd quietly calling 'uh, mom'...the horse had zeroed in on the rest of the goodies in the box in dd's hand...I hollar, give her a carrot!  DD holds a carrot away from her, and then scoots to the bucket, where she dumps it into the feed bucket and skidaddles out of there.

The rest of this goes fairly smoothly, till we get in the house and I go to get into my room and Winston (the world's naughtiest cat) runs out and whoosh, there are dd's dogs.  Luckily she managed the dogs, while I chased Winston back into the room.  A few 'f-words' slipped during the process.

So, from now on, before I go out to feed the horse, I need 2 sets of keys.  Put Winston into the master bathroom so he cannot dart out...oh, and the original bucket left in the 4 pieces.

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