Friday, May 24, 2013

I LOVE May!!

May is by far my favorite month.  I get Mother's Day followed by my birthday...usually just about a week I get thoroughly spoiled during the month of May.

this year, Mother's Day was the Bday on the following Sunday the 19th.

Mother's Day, dh cooked one of my fave dinners...salmon, grilled steak, angel hair pasta and asparagus.
My mil  was still here, so it was for the all the gals.   Very nice.

Then the in laws left for the 'wilds of Oregon' be honest, central valley California is just not good for my fil's health.   Better for them to be up north, esp for the summer.

My Birthday started with my dsil (son in law) making me a breakfast smoothie, church, lunch of mac & cheese and tuna sandwiches (don't laugh, when you've been on Jennys as long as I have...mac and cheese and tuna are manna)...and for dinner dsil made me jambalaya and ddil brought me one of her Hoosier pies.

Then the kids took off for ddil's birthday...which meant I got to hang out with dgd for 2 days...including a sleepover.  I won't detail that, cuz as I told dgd as I left, "don't forget, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...ha!!! (loved seeing her parents' faces over that)  Let's just say, that she did not go to Tae Kwon Do class Monday night  or school the next morning...and there was popcorn mixed with m&m's involved.  

And though I've been to work Weds and Thurs, honestly it still feels like my birthday week!! ha!!

Today, ds is taking me out to lunch and to see Star Trek...

and Tomorrow morning, dd and dsil leave for a 3 day trip to dh and I have the place all to ourselves.  I'm thinking pj's and scrapbooking for the weekend.

AND for my birthday, dh told me to get a few things off my Amazon wish list.  On its way is a cricut cart...and I've rec'd  an artbin Lighttracer.  I've been buying a few paper piecings on Ebay I hope to figure out how to make some of my own.  A while ago, I bought a dvd of patterns to make tear bears and maybe I'll play over the weekend.

AND the Joann's near my work had their grand opening celebration.  When dgd and I went to work to go to lunch with dd and Francine, we stopped by...spent $40 on stuff that was 40 to 50% off.  So, I have those new supplies to play with too.   Dgd picked out quite a few stickers and paper also.  I had to tell her, 'we can't go down the (sticker) aisle anymore, you go crazy".   So, gotta think of good 'projects' for her to do, to use them!!

So, what can I say...I LOVE May!!!!

(note, I think I used all the family abreviations in this post...ha!!)

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