Monday, May 27, 2013

been scrapbooking! oh whatta feeling...!!!

It has been soooooo long, or at least it feel like it.

I've been using the Maychallenge thread on 2 Peas as an inspiration...and been working on dgd's 2012 album.  The first challenge I did was their day 3...take time to try a new technique...well, I've been wanting to try tear bears, and this week got my light here is my first attempt...ha!!  next time, I'll reduce the pattern.   but gotta figure, cost of light pad, tear tools, mulberry paper, pattern cd...this is an $80 bear!!!
ha!! gotta admit, I've got more respect for the ladies who sell these on Ebay.
So based on their sketch for day 13, I started this was a one page sketch, that I made 2 pages.  This is it unglued...when dgd came over yesterday to do a 'trash the dress' photo session...I asked her, "do I need to add more red and green matts under the pictures?   her answer, "no, pink and purple" .  Of course, she is 4 years old and any color question is answered with 'pink and purple'...then she told me, " pink here, purple here, pink here, purple here...."    I decided, well it's a birtday can be a li'l colorful and went for it.

and here is the finished product.   A really fun birthday layout.   (If you are liking the birthday circle, gotta admit, its not mine, its an Ebay purchase)  

so, dgd and family came over yesterday for dinner.   so she 'helped' me with this lo. I told her "what color should I use with this pic?  Don't say pink".   Of course she said 'pink' ..then I thought of this raspberry pink we picked up at Joann's grand opening.    She decorated the butterfly, it was a gift tag...I gave her some pearly pink paint, stickles and sequins and she went to 'town'.  She also decorated the bottom corner of the multi pic box with pink 'dew drops' (I still love those things!)  Oh, and I can't claim credit for the pics, that was a JC Penney session.

At first she was hesitant about the gooey mess on the butterfly, but I told her, "that is what I keep wipes for" and she went to 'town'.   We also stamped a quick card (don't have a pic).  Her first stamping, a li'l wobbly, but she will learn not to 'rock' the stamp.   

Her mom says she is going to clean up her scrap space, since it looked like dgd was having a good time doing a li'l crafting.   oh, and I guess I just gotta post one of the trash the dress pics....this is after we slipped and slid in the muck to get to the 'back 40'

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