Sunday, May 26, 2013

lesson #2

first of all, thank God for Kristen and Sara, 2 young ladies who are helping us out.  We had 9 kids today.  But the ones who usually sit in service joined us because the pastor was talking about a sensitive subject.

This weekend there was a campout at the church.  So there were tents and tables and games set up in the yard.

After worship, we went outside, and I had the kids sketch out the grill work of cars that were facing the sidewalk.  (I love car grills, just think they are so cool looking and add personality to a car)...anyways, the kids did a good job.

We talked a li'l bit about the 2nd commandment, and how worshipping idols isn't just about bowing down to a statue, but that you can also turn other things into cars...or baseball.  When I asked the kids for something they could turn into an idol...they all shouted video games...  yup, anything that becomes more important to you than God.

@10:30 we sat in a circle on the lawn, and I presented the kids with their trivia question.  I led with  the cars are also like the church..that each part needs to function...and asked them what are the spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12?  I tried to encourage them that even though they are young...there are still things they can do to help out in the church.  I gave them a couple of the gifts and asked them to write down 3 more, but  noone knew them...we did have some guesses, so I let the girls (K & S) decide if the one was close enough...they said yes, so a prize (candy) was awarded.

I gave them a 'hint' about next week's I'd better get more candy!!

Then....we found out that the sermon was going a little long....and Janell told us we could play with the bean bag game set up.  Most of the boys did that, the girls sat  on the lawn.   Kristen really took charge of the girls; Sara, the boys playing with the bean bag toss.  And I kept an eye on the other 2.   They were getting 'antsy' and wanted to play the air hockey (they had also been a part of the campout, and did not understand why I did not give them full access to the stuff, one even asked to go to his tent..I said, no) ...I told them that it wasn't my game and I did not have the okay....(lucky) for me, the wind kicked up and blew over some of the bbq equipment that was behind the meeting tent.  I asked one of the boys to help pick up the bbq's and stuff...and he did!   I ended up giving him one of the candy bars because he exhibited the 'gift of service'.   ha!!

So, next week, we won't be outside...let's see how that goes!!

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