Tuesday, June 11, 2013

got my camera back, more lo's from last month

These are inspired from the May Challenge thread on 2 peas...in just a couple of weekends able to get thru most of dgd's 2012 book...just need Oct - Dec.   Not bad!!

This one was a challenge not to use squares, except for pic matting.  so lots of circles and triangles,  I stamped the background using an itty bitty background stamp from Stampin Up.  and being the dork that I am, I counted.  to do one page it was 149 times for the main color...and another 9 of the secondary color.  The diecuts are from the Groovy Times cart by cricut

This one was the Cinco de Mayo challenge, 5 pp, 5 pics, 5 embellies...journaling talks about how at an early age dgd showed signs of preferring the outdoors with grandpa over the indoors...poor me, I'm such an indoor girl.

This is use something old (over a year) and new (less than a month) challenge.  Also inspired by the threads about Pink Paislee warehouse box thread.  the 'old' is from last year's Pink Paislee warehouse box...the new is the bg paper, a Recollections pack dd gave me for my birthday.

This is also Pink Paislee, just using the quieter flip side of the pp....the challenge was to do journaling you don't normally do...I normally don't type my journaling, just cuz its easier to grab a pen, then go to my computer and print.  Plus, I don't have a word program on my home computer...so as it is had to use Notepad to journal this.  

I'll end with the Father's Day card I designed for Sunday School this week...
This was the 3rd incarnation...oh myyyy...I was so frustrated...I started out with something more vintage, trying to use my Tim Holtz embossing ....and some washi tape...but ...nah.

Then switched to something more 'playful' and colorful..with sock monkeys,  noooooo, not right...

I wasted most of my morning,
By this time I am so frustrated...hollering "Why do we HAVE father's day, they don't do ANYthing!!!!"

Sooo, cleaned everything up, went to Walgreens with mom (she had errands)  and bought myself a pepsi and raw cookie dough...well, after the break sat down and came up with this...it is first draft and will probably be fine tuned this week.

aye yi yi

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Dorlene Durham said...

Wow! You were busy! Don't you just love challenges??? They sure do help with layout starters. Great layouts!