Saturday, May 16, 2015

been thinking of you

Hey blog, been thinking of you.  ALOT has been happening, so not a lot of chit chat time.

Number one...
the birth of Jase, grandbaby #3 and first grandson

Number two..
job change.  No longer working at the shop, instead working from home...and babysitting Jase.
Only bad note for me, going from a 3 to 4 day work week to an actualy 5 day work week, siiiiiigh

Number three...
scraproom changed, no longer in the scrap closet, now in the 'girl cave'.  (as Adriana calls it)
no pics, yet.

But with all the changes, happenings, no time to scrap.  

hope that changes soon

So, I've 'thought' about posting and stuff...but crazy, crazy, crazy,

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