Sunday, July 26, 2015


After 10 years in the home, we are going thru room by room and making changes.

First and wonderful step was moving the my scraproom.  I now have the 'suite'...which means my own bathroom also.  ha!    Only problem, not much scrapping bing done.  DGD has named it the 'girl cave' though, now that I have a grandson, we will need to change it.

I got the suite with one condition, scrap stuff can no longer be piled up throughout the house, I had it in the hallway, office, front room.... Now it is pretty much consolidated.  I little still in the hallway.

So, I've created 'stations' throughout the main room.  This is my 'other crafts'...with emphasis on Sunday School prep.  Right now it is full of jars and my chalk paint.

This is my 'stamping' station.   Though a lot of stamps are stored in the upper cabinets.  Having a friend who was a Stampin Up consultant is dangerous for the collector minded.

General view when you walk into my room.

shelves next to the door.  flowers, ribbon, buttons, mainly
of course, small tv for dvd's and mini boom box for music

the wall with my Sunday School, stamping stations

cabinets directly across from those stations.  need Stickles?  this is the place to go.
in the Binders are some of my acrylic stamps.  I belong to a stamp club, Stamps of Life, my Prima Paper dolls, and mini stamps in baseball card pages.  

Work stations!  Mine is the one directly in front, Dgd's is to the side (she has the puppy and mermaid pic flanking her spot)  Those uppers are filled withStampin Up stamps and Inks.

Center station, where I keep what I am working on currently, (this was a mini book filled with the Wishes for Baby cards for my grandson)  and a small desk for dgd #2, so she can have 'her space' when visiting.  Not that she is one for sitting...siiiiigh.  Just to the side you can see my cricut cutting station.  Also has an Ikea cart, with Slice stuff too.

Off the room is a hallway, was a separate entry for the suite when used by my mom.  These are my cricut carts...Organized by type and yes, alphabetically, but I am not OCD. On the side walls I have the Ikea curtain rods with clips, going to put up layouts.   As soon as I can get them out of storage.

this is the former bedroom of the suite, now storage.  Papers, albums, idea books, embellies

When my ddil walked in for the first time, her comment "Now you ARE crazy"  ha!!

I have other curtains, these are my dd's ...  Mine are an old Chinese print!!  But gotta get the guys to switch the hardware.  

Closet...crop stuff and some sewing room for a sew spot...yet!

and cuz I did not want to end the pics with an ugly closet...a vase I painted for dgd#2, cuz every 18 month old needs a vase!!!   Just an old spaghetti jar using chalk paints.

Right now, Dh is having all our wires put into the walls, so no more tripping on wires around computers and tvs.  Just about every room is affected and boy, what a mess they are making.  But I tell myself it is like road work, will be worth it when they are done.

Next area is the hallway leading into the suite.  We are deciding on some shelving.  I have old, really old, Ethan Allen shelves that were my dad's.  I remember them from his house when I was in high school.  and how many years is that?  But it is time to update.  And being a scrapper...I can take pics and do a layout about the memories.    

 Dh is wanting built ins ... I am pushing for one of those old library bookshelves with the ladder on a track.   like this...

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