Friday, July 31, 2015

been packing for Expo...sooooo excited

Yesterday was an 'odd' day for me, got to babysit my dgd, Kyleigh (@ 2) and my dgs, Jase (4 months), instead of the usual work from the other kids' home.

My son and ddil went to the memorial for Sgt. Lunger in Oakland.  My son is a police officer in the area, and knew Sgt Lunger.  They did not get home till close to 9pm.   It was a loooooong day.
for those out of the Bay Area, Sgt Lunger is the Hayward police officer who was shot during a traffic stop.

Luckily, Kyleigh's mom set it up so I could tag team with a friend, Tammy.  2 grandma's spending the day with the 2 babies.  Fun!  Today, Jase's  parents took today off,  as family drove in from Oklahoma for the I have today off, my 'normal' job is to watch the baby and do some accounting work from their home.   (my oldest granddaughter, age 6,  took off with another friend and had a date day with her and 3 other kids)

Of course, as ya'll know a day off, does not translate to a day OFF.  It means doing the laundry, housework you put off all week because you are not home to do it.  So, though I got to sleep in till 6am...I have been going all morning.   But did get freezer and fridge and pantry cleaned of expired food, grocery list, bank deposit ready, laundry in dryer, dishes in dishwasher started, cat boxes are cleaned.   siiiigh.

and I've been packing for Expo...did this part last weekend.

An Idea that I once saw for Washi,  the loops are a little big on this 'caribiner with wire' set up, so could only use the wider tapes.  Will probably bring something for the smaller ones....don't know yet.
Been toying with the idea of one of those old fashioned straw holders...but at Expo, don't want to have too much taking up too much table space....ya know?

Today has been some embellies, like the washi, last minute pics, and charging what needs to be charged.   Camera, portable charger for phone, Gypsy...

Gosh, almost overwhelmed, going to be able to be creative.  Wow, time set aside...I am looking so forward to this.  Only problem, I have been shopping like crazy for it.  Aren't I supposed to shop there?    But put in an order for baby boy stuff on more washi thru Etsy...have a couple of Echo Park kits coming from Amazon.   siiiiiigh 

I will be a concentrating  on grandkids.   I will work on the 2 girls, Thurs night and Friday. on the baby boy on Saturday.  (next year that will be boys, as there is another one 'in the oven' so to speak). Thurs night can be a bit hard to get pages done, as it is the make and take crop and vendors do mini demos.   Not that I do not like the demos, do learn new products and stuff...just makes it tough to get layouts done.  

A problem, I cannot find a couple of 'idea books'  Now with moving the crop room, I guess that is to be expected.  One of the ones I cannot find is the Kiwi Lane Idea book, I worked their booth last year specifically to get that book...and other product...but I cannot find it.   It actually was very fun booth to work...but did not sign up for anything (even classes) this year.  Just wanna crop (and shop) and hang out with 'the girls'...yay!


Dorlene Durham said...

Are you going to attempt the pocket pages?? I bet you can get a lot of expert advice from other croppers there.. go for it!

Dorlene Durham said...

are you going to attempt any pocket pages while there? I bet you can get a lot of advice and tips there at the crop!