Sunday, August 9, 2015

EXPO!!! Part 1

What a terrific weekend, though I 'overpacked' as usual.  Seriously, it took me two trips to the car...1 wagon, 2 XL totes and several bags.  And another trip with hotel on Thursday, I got my workout going to.

And Saturday, got my work out...packing up.  On Saturday, had to add another trip to with the shopping, one does always leave with more than you bring.  

My car as I was leaving, this is just first layer in the back...also had stuff in front seat and one of the back seats...left the other open, as I was taking dgs to his parent's work on the way to the Expo.

My workstation Saturday evening...

Thursday night is the make and take type of crop, several vendors give you a project to highlight their product.   I admit toward the end of the evening, I stopped doing the projects.  It was my first chance to create all year, and I really wanted to concentrate on doing layouts.

My first scrapbook layout in 2015

Thurs night concentrated on my dgd Adriana's book...starting with the trip we took to Oregon
the following Layout is a fave...just love the pic of her and her sis on the driftwood 'throne'...and the Mermaid Anya stamp is a fave ..she is from The Greeting Farm...Which reminds me, I want to order Kimono Anya (she was not in the booth this year)

Even though one packs a ton of still don't have enough, so the layout below needs to be completed at home.  But got the basics done.

and cuz you gotta, here are the purchases.  Now because of make and take, also had a bag of projects...  MY purchases.  Every year I like to get an Anya stamp, a Sherri Baldy My-Besties stamp, and stamps from Rubbernecker..just love the booth.  (Rubbernecker are the stretchy cat, and bird stamps)  An I sub to The Stamps of Life, but I like to stop by the booth each year to get the dies and completer for a fave set...this year it was the whales.  

This was from one of the projects I did had the yellow..Chalk $3 each, I HAD to get more!!  

One of my addiction is paper collections.  the bottom 3 are Authentique...let's just say, in my storage, I am starting a new Authentique space...and Simple Stories  

My friend Nancy loves to go to the booth where you can buy packs of pp (the same design) for $4 each...and then the price goes down the more paper you buy.. This year they had October Afternoon and Echo Park... I did break down and buy 2 packs of them...on the bottom of this pic...the rest, Nancy shared a couple of pages from her packs with me.  (she bought over 40).  Yes, she does realize this is an addiction.  But to her credit she knew how much space she had on her shelf .

And I will call this "Winners and Losers"

This is my 'winner', won this as a door prize in the one class I took ....

"losers'...the one class I took.  It was the Latest and Greatest Pocket Page class...$47
Got over $80 in product...a 3x4 punch (which I had so I gave it to Nancy)...Echo Park calander set (which I kind of Liked)  and then 2 other sets...Prima (liked the cards, thought pack with feathers and chipboard was gaudy)  Like the You and Me set  (but only had a couple of pages)(not the complete collection)

 ...but the projects in the class...siiiiiiiigh, it was one of those set projects that you follow along.  One was a mini album using 3x4 cards.  In bottom corner, cute and bright okay...then the "pocket page' was top corner...about food?  and gave us the project sheet to follow which was basically cutting down the card page and inserting...what?  For one this does not look like the project advertised.  So I felt cheated by this 'class'.   Very disappointed.  And $47 down the drain.

Okay, gotta go to bed, work day starts early tomorrow.  Hopefully can work on Part 2...and post some pics of some of those layouts.  The next couple of days, worked on the other grandbabies first year book, and these are a combo of 12x12 and pocket page layouts.

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