Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oct is here...well, it has been here, huh?

Got to scrapbook last weekend.   Not a whole lot, but it was fun.  As I was scrappin' I kept am I going to pack for November's crop?   I NEEEEEED  my stuff.   How do I know what I want?  before I want it?   Normally, I just PACK for crops...but this one, I will be the last to arrive, so I know I will have the 'tiny' spot.  The inner table spot, that does not have any room around it.  So I've gotta pack well, look into making kits, like I read about on 2 Peas...

Here is my pocket page storage.  I keep it all in a binder by type of pocket page.  So far this is working for me...though the binder is already pretty full.   

here are a couple of layouts I did last weekend.  Working on dgs's book.  

And shopping thru the week....siiiigh,  thought I did pretty good, only one paper pack thru Amazon.

Gossamer Blue sub...which I just LOVE

oh, a 'helper' while taking pics this morn.  Not much of a helper, he was in his Velociraptor mood, anytime my hand approached the desk, it got swiped or bit...or swiped and bit.

had to move the Scrapbook Circle kit to thechair for a a pic.

I actually read this week also, can't brag too much, it was Four from the Divergent series.   A kind of prequel/ character study of, it was young fiction.  But still a fun read, seeing things through his eyes and getting the back story about him and Eric.

Dsil (that is son in law) got the George RR Martin book "A Knight of the Seven Realms' and is letting me read it first.  So, I started it this morn.   But, man, Martin....with the last Game of Thrones, has left me in a bad place.   My fave character laying in the snow bleeding to death, and darn it, I want him to work on that series....siiiiiiiiigh.  Though I guess when the HBO series restarts, I'll find out of John Snow is really dead or not.   

We are planning Kyleigh's birthday, so did spend a bit of time making her some Elmo stuff for it.  But my cricut is not cutting the fluff around his face well.  Probably time for a new blade.  yikes.

Having company over for dinner.  It is 'pastor appreaciation' month, so having our new pastor and his wife, a couple of other couples over for 'surf and turf'....

There is the door, see ya'll later!!!

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