Saturday, October 17, 2015

busy week, but survived it! ha!

Busy week, went to Verdi with Cierra and Jase on Tues/Weds.   We arrived early to pick her up from work on Weds, she did tell me 11:30, and got to hear the last part of the manager's training on the work styles of Baby Boomers, Gen X'rs and Millenials.  also mentioned are the upcoming "Homelanders"....ooooooooooo   what can I say.  Us Baby Boomers are the last of the hard working, values oriented, know how to interact socially  (think about it, kids these days socialize on a screen) (as I type up a blog......hmmmmm).    

 Anyways, fascinating, and yes, I am ready to retire before dealing with these Homelanders in a business environment.  

I mean, I thought Millenials were a bunch of messed up entitled brats (except my kids of course) BUT Homelanders are being brought up to mistrust and hate authority...without objective values...holy crap!!    Of course, as she pointed out, it is all about the home and how kids are being brought, you can go against the flow and bring up great kids, just don't let the media and even schools  do the raising.   I see Nyki instilling great values and work ethic with my grandkids, but it is going against the flow (apparently).   siiiiiiiiiiigh.

It was  Lincoln who said, The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

and John Adams who said, Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." 

This trajectory is a little scary, but, I believe God is in control and He can do anything, even change hearts, and THAT is where it all starts.   

okay, that turned out a li'l more heavy than I wanted....

on to lighter fare:

I made an attempt to journal in my journaling Bible....ha!!  I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination.   In fact to draw this pig, I googled 'easy drawing of pigs', figured it should be a bunch of circles, ovals and triangles...ha!  (think I'll stick to stamps and paper piecings from now on.)
Did my favorite Proverb...Proverb 11:22

sorry about pic quality...very hard to get good pic this morn

Did go to Verdi, so stopped by a fave LSS...Scrapbook Paradise on McCarran...technically a Reno store. Picked up Echo Park's  Pirates Life...gosh I LOVE Echo Park...and a 6x6 of Lawn Fawn's Bokeh in the Snow.  Now, I rarely pay full price for a 6x6...usually wait for a sale, but this was just so pretty, gonna use it on Christmas pocket pages for the grandkids.

and Elmo papers, cuz Kyleigh loves Elmo, in fact we are doing her upcoming birthday party in Elmo.  And Bo Bunny's Our Little Monster..since one of Chris's nicknames for Jase is 'little monster man"

so, gotta go prep for next week's b-day / baby shower combination get together next week.

Hope baby stays in the belly...cuz it is looking like he may not...and we will be having a party while mom and baby are in the hospital.   

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Dorlene Durham said...

I swear we are sisters. I started bible journaling a few months ago too. I love reading His words and them going through to really highlight what it's saying to me. Check out my blog to see a few that I've done. And look how you're also growing in your art by actually attempting to draw. BTW, pig is cute!