Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015, My Christmas newsletter...

I usually send one with the cards, but this year got a li'l will do one electronically.

Dear Friends,
2015 has been a heck of a year for the us.  Where do I start?  Well, as ya'll know, MJM and I doubled the amount of grandchildren this year!!  We added 2 grandsons to the 2 granddaughters!  Such a great  year. (dear kids, let's do it again in 2016!!!) (ha!!!)

MJM is still overseeing 2 businesses, and doing pretty well.  Lots of ups and downs and struggles.  We sold the cows, with our water allotment being cut in half then cut in half again, we simply could not afford to feed them.  But he went in with another rancher to use our land to grow some winter oats for the horse.  Not sure how it worked, but Sox has enough hay to last quite the while.  Just recently MJM's had a thorough physical...all good news, but his dr recommended he go on a Paleo Diet...I think MJM plans to restart it after the New Year.   ha!  hard to stick to veggies and lean meats when there is soooo many goodies around.  He has been very steady using the treadmill.

Speaking of diets, Rocky was tipping the scale at over 100lbs and Kema was not far behind, so both of them went on a diet...and successfully lost their excess weight.  

No talk of diets here, Karen is doing great!  She had a job change @May and though the hours are longer and the work is more physical...she LOVES it!  I am now a NannyGrammy for dgds Jase.  I still do some GL work for the business, but primarily I play with/love on/chase Jase.

  We have been renewing/renovating the house, this year.  We have been here 10 years and decided bit by bit to make the home ours and do the things we've been wanting to do...first step was to convert the in law suite into a mega craft room...nope, I'm not spoiled....ha!!!!

We are going though and just hitting it room by room.  The master bedroom was also painted, chose Requisite Gray from Benjamin Moore is sooooooo pretty.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Wet Concrete...but a goal is to sell and purple is simply not everyone's cup of tea.  But Gray is the new neutral...riiiiiiiight?  

Jason and Nyki are the proud parental units of 3!!!   Adriana age 6, Kyleigh age 2 and Joshua 2 months(almost)...are they a little crazy?  Oh yeah...but it is a wonderful crazy...right????? (well, wonderful for Grammy)

Cierra and Chris are still in CA (yeah!) they moved out right around Valentine's day...and it gave them @one month to settle in, when....Jase arrived!!!


We are so completely blessed, and I tell you is never boring!!!

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