Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year, New?????

I would like to say New Me...but, still have not made any real effort to start healthy changes.  I think about it, but no action on the diet and/or  exercise front.

Another area I am struggling in is NannyGrammy related.  Nap time!  It is very important for the kids that  Jase gets a nap schedule and place.  They want him to nap in his crib.  Ooooooh, the nap battle.  I put him down as requested, with a story and a prayer...then he cries...and he cries ...and grammy's hear breaks.  I let him go for the requested time...but siiiiiiigh, no success yet.   In my defense, I never got the nap thing for my own kids.  They were not 'nappers', but I do understand why it is important for my adult kids and I try...I really do...but do you know what a grandchild's tears do to a grammy's heart?  Jase -11-  Grammy -0- in the 11 work days so far this year.

Have not been reading as well as I would like.  Did start a book, given to me by a friend.  It is called A Texas Christmas, a book of 6 short  romance stories...   Now it is a 'light' book so it should have been finished by now, riiiiiiight?  Well, siiiiigh not quite yet.

In my defense, I do work @12 hours per day, 5 days a I go to sleep @8, 8:30 pm and wake up @5:15am .  Not much time (during the week).

BUT good things are happening also, did sign up for Pleasanton Expo with the group of scrapping girls.  Cannot do all 3 nights of cropping, but did sign up for Friday and Saturday.  Even if I cannot crop all day Friday, can go in after work and crop the evening and Saturday.  AND am sharing a room with a couple of girls.  Even if I am not there all 3 nights...$119 for 2 nights is still a great deal for me.

And last week of April there is a crop camp.  Even if I have to arrive late and leave early (like November)   Still better than none.

I understand the kids' schedule.  DD started a new job, so she cannot ask for random days off.  And Dsil works full time, and though he has a little more freedom in this area, it is just not fair to expect him to take PTO for me.   They, at least He will be taking some time off as a lot of his family is coming up for Jase's first birthday the week after Expo.  

Another good thing, I have been consistent with my devotions and Bible Study.  Devotions is a book called Streams in the Desert (got it at last year's woman's conference) and Bible Study is one through the church based on the movie The War it is one on prayer.  Sunday morning has also been good, Pastor is going through the gospel of John...verse by verse.   I really like this type of Expository preaching and feel like it is really helping me to grow in my faith.  And soon will be starting a study on the book of Acts with another dear friend of mine. 

So, hopefully these disciplines will help me get better at other and naptime and reading are on THAT list.....siiiiiiiiigh.

Because I think a blog needs pics...
and this blog entry is about New are some pics around the house...When you take down Christmas it is a wonderful opportunity to redecorate, riiiiiiiight?   so here are some areas around the house I revamped for 2016....

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