Sunday, January 24, 2016

spending freeze...ha!!!

Yes, I really need to go on a spending freeze.  Can I say after March Expo?   There is a thread o 2Peas Refugees about a spending freeze, saw the title and thought, "oh, better take care of my cart at" and here it is.  siiiiiiigh....doodle bug (so perfect for grandbabies) and Webster's Pages, it is an addiction I tell ya.

Now this is the spending I need to freeze today....books.  The following pics are just 3 of my 'to be read' stashes.   There are more 'little' stacks throughout the house.  And a couple more on its way from Amazon.   I know, Kindle, but we do not have wireless at our house.   I do have a couple of Kindle books, for when I am at a place with wireless.   

Hopefully, today after chuch, you will find me in my scraproom....and later, with a book.  doesn't that sound like a good afternoon???

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