Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Expo is coming, Pleasanton here we come!!

Expo in 2 weeks, well 10 days..

And I have NOTHING packed.   Did decide which pictures, projects to do, so that is a step, right??
 Because I am going a shorter time, instead of Thurs thru Saturday like normal...I will go Fri after work and Saturday.  Going to limit myself to granddaughter  pages and tags for a Spring Tea.
so just have to pack girly stuff.   ha!!

so, it is basically turning this 'mess' into packed projects.   Now that I do pocket pages, I also like to bring the albums......hmmmmm......

I was home sick yesterday, did I go in my room?  NOOOOOO, I really did sleep all day and drink tea.  Celestial Seasonings Throat Tamer tea....I highly recommend it if you have a burning throat.  My throat feels better today, just have a dry cough and am using Sudafed everything seems to have 'settled' in my sinuses and ears.   Siiiiiiiiigh, my grandson was sick also, he also has an ear infection, so he is on antibiotics for 10 days.  Today, he seems better already, just real tired and an occassional cough.   (he got it first, I got it from him)  I am sooooooo tired, a nap would be super  nice right now.

He is watching Baby Einstein as I type, He sure does love the puppets...esp the elephant that does the peek a boo from a basket.   from First Moves.

Oh, over the weekend, my son in law gave me his small fridge, so now I can say my craftroom is truly 'set up'.  We have a fridge!   Dgd asked if we are going to have food in there also.  Gotta say no, we live on 10 acres, so we pretty much live in a sea of food is only stored/eaten in the kitchen bedrooms. or  craft room.

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