Sunday, March 6, 2016

Expo, Expo, Expo report...mostly shopping and a class

Terrific Expo weekend, I arrived @4pm for the Friday Crop...had to work first, and of course it was raining fairly hard when I go there.  Lucky for me, I covered everything with heavy duty garbage bags the night before.  Not so lucky for the floors.  I pooled the sign in area and in the crop, next to my desk, next to the door.  siiiiiigh.  A mop and a few towels.  but still felt pretty bad.

On Friday night we had 3 tables of gals.  I got a spot at the electricity table ... as I brought my cricut.

But here are a few pics...These are my 'freebies'.  the kits I got with my crop purchase...I am and a Snap album and cards (the red ones)...the middle set of Snap were given to my by Yvonne. she got it Thurs night and is not a pocket page scrapper, so she gave them to me.  YAY, it is a wonderful set, and I used it...will show you later   

One of the most popular booths, at least at our set of tables...and I saw quite a few croppers get these...Echo Park...the had a great deal 3 packs for $15, 4 for $20.  I got 4.  Though I think one is officially a Bella Blvd.  

Here are 'accessories" I also got at that booth.  I made at least 2 stops thru the weekend.

the 'other stuff' I got ... Stamps of Life die (already had the stamp), chalk writers and tags...and Bo Bunny stamp set for Bible journaling and Batman diecuts.  These aren't all the purchases...of course, just the ones I rounded up for pics.

There were a couple of booths with loose paper.  One was 2 for got a few.

Most were from the booth I had to 'ground' myself from, Scrap That.  I actually bought 5 packages of the chalkboard tags...and the pens...and an envelope to hold my scraps...After the 3rd visit, yup, had to ground myself.  

Kiwi Lane. has changed to a catalog/party CTMH and Stampin' Up.  So instead of buying direct, they now have reps.  Dionne wanted a particular set, to get it she had to book a 'party' she let me know, I went to the booth...and spent more than I should have.  Even with the show specials.  But our group loves Kiwi Lane...I even helped in their booth a couple of years ago. They also give you a cool list so you can 'inventory' your sets.  I have about 25 to go before having all of them, I think Dionne has all but 5...yup, but you should see her pages, they are spectacular.  

This is not an Expo purchase, but a purchase that arrived Friday while I was at work.  It is Basic Gray's Saturday morning.  Though I was not thrilled with the warehouse box, after the box, I did want this collection... also are some Basic Gray pocket page papers.  Don't remember the collection.

So, those are most of the purchases this new 'baby' is the final pic.   The crop was terrific.  For Saturday we had 4 tables 'reserved'...but 2 of the gals did not come, one had a Migraine and sold their tickets...and another sold hers Fri night and did not Saturday we had 13 between all our tables.  The crop WAS sold out and none of our people had trouble selling their tickets.  But it was not full.  I am wondering if some people did not come because of the rain.

Saturday morning I took a class...Nicole Peterson's Echo Park class.  These are the 3 layouts that the class covers.   Now, I don't normally take layout classes...but made an exception for Echo Park.  And I did enjoy Nicole, but it was rushed.  We worked on 2 of the layouts, but did not finish either.  I had a fiskars ( the Teresa Collins white and gold one) that I have not had that long...the swing arm would not open!  so when Nicole said we need an 11" cut, I had to measure 1" reversed to have 11" left...yeah the 7.5 piece was not a fun one to figure out.  

But I did win one of the doorprizes...and soooooo happy with it.  My kids go to Yosemite...and this is perfect!!  

What I did work on Friday evening.  An altered composition book for the Sunday School I am leading...starting next week.   and tags for the Women's tea next month.  On the notebook is one of the Snap cards Yvonne gave me, sorry my camera could not catch the phrase, is says, "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine"    

And here is my new 'baby'...really glad I got it since I had trouble with the fiskars.  I got a bit of a deal, since I already have the big Cutterpillar Pro...first generation (I had to get the measurement sticker)...but OH MY!! such a wonderful cutter.  I will still ask dh to fix the fiskars.  always good to have extra.  riiiiiiiight?

okay, since this is so pic heavy will post later with some layout pics. As far as layouts, since I only had one day of cropping...I concentrated on Kyleigh's 2015 book.

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