Wednesday, March 30, 2016

good, busy, crazy baby birthday weekend

All about the family ...wouldn't want it any other way.

this is from March 13....siiiiigh...

Friday - was the Fish Fry at dgd's school...well, they ran out of fish.  Luckily dh knows the guys who were back there frying the fish and they let him know there was not enough to serve the entire we left early.  Ddil and dgd were there, further up in the line, but she says they were out by the time she got to the door.  Oh well, it is a fundraiser, so it is a donation to the school. We prebought our tickets.   We went with another couple to the local 'fancy' restarant and had yummy $12-15 burgers.  They were worth it.  And a great visit with great friends.

Saturday - Celebrated dgs, Jase,'s  1st Birthday.   Lots of fun, dsil and dd cooked a terrific dinner, followed by cakes and cupcakes...and they kept it just family.  So the only other kids were cousins. But we had a house full as Dsil (for me that is son in law)'s sister, bro in law and mom came from Texas and Oklahoma.   Little guy is ONE!!! hard to believe.  He LOVED his first cake...well, especially the frosting.  The party had a 'batman' theme, so the cake had a bottom layer of black frosting decor and top of blue  ... I guess he had colorful diapers the next day!!!

We also did a gender reveal cake for Jase's!!!

So, now I have 2 granddaughters, ages 7 (next month) and 2...and 3 grandsons, ages 1, 4 months and due in July.  Holidays are going to be the bomb diggity!!! ha1!  We are positive, Kyleigh the 2 year old girl, will be able to hold her own with the 3 little boys ...  In fact, we picture her as the Angelica of she is no shrinking violet.

Sunday - Started my new Sunday School class for the Young Adults...18+,  We are going to be going through Blackaby's Experiencing God...this was an intro class, so we altered composition books, I gave a couple of announcements then gave my testimony...since the first lesson is on a Relationship with Jesus.  (hope I did not scare them away)...

Then the youth had a fundaising 'youth auction' ... to raise funds for camp, the bidding was for 8 hours...We 'bought' a couple of girls, one to help with the dusting at my house (I have a ton of knicknacks) and we are going to share her with our oldest help her out. This girl also sings and plays violin, so I might ask her to give us an hour or so at the women's ministry tea next month. The other gal, we 'bought' is for our dil, to give her 8 hours of babysitting, so dil can get some stuff done.  OR she can give the gal some projects, but it was to help dil..3 young kids, and a husband who works police hours...can get a li'l crazy.  And the young man...I have a storage unit that needs to be emptied.. a car that needs to be detailed...have no fear, he will not be bored.  The average price was $100...I was so surprised!  BUT the kids raised $1500 for camp.

In the evening, everyone (except dsil's bro in law and sis) came over for taco dinner.  We were also joined by some very close friends.  All and all, crazy but fun weekend.

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LisaDV said...

Sounds like a very fun and busy time. Your grandson's 1st birthday pic is SO adorable. Love that he's enjoying the frosting. Congrats on your future grandson! Your camp auction fund raiser is a terrific idea. Love that you purchased 8 hrs for your dil - that's super sweet.