Saturday, July 23, 2016

I WANNA Go in my Scraproom!!!

I WANNA!!!  (insert temper tantrum smilie)

Quite the month!  Working lots even on Saturdays and no time for crafting.  I am getting the 'shakes'.  Though of course I have been online shopping!!  ha!!

But the wonderful thing about the month...I have a new grandson...

Grandchild #5, grandson #3...Jax Parker....

I am one blessed grammy!!  But just realized, if the kids' plans are correct ...he is my last youngest grandchild.  Of course he won't grow up feeling that way, as the last 3 are boys 16 months apart, he is part of his own little 'mob'..   Jase, Josh and Jax.  HOLIDAYS are gonna be FUN!!  I'm already getting these names mixed up ...probably gonna be yelling "BOYS" instead of names!  ha! 

(they are gonna need very distinctive nicknames)

Since we are on the subject...tee hee...

These are my grandkids from my son and dil...Josh @9 months old, Adriana 7, and Kyleigh 2.  I call Adriana "Missy" and Kyleigh is "Sparkle" , oh of course, my dil Nyki...

And this is Jax's big brother, Jase, he is 16 months old.

So far my nicknames for him are Goofy McNugget, Goofers, and my son recently threw out BamBam which just may stick! 

This is the baby I've been NannyGrammy to...and when dd goes back to work...I will NannyGrammy the two boys!  I LOVE my job!  

The accounting job I do is getting crazy.  It is the end of 2nd Q and have been trying to close and do required tax forms. I've actually hired a teen to help "chase the Jase' to give me more time to finish ...but it still has been a crazy schedule.

   With the Nanny job responsibilities growing and nap times for Jase getting shorter, well, I am being replaced on the accounting job!   YAY!! However, it means it will be extra crazy as I train, create a step by step how to instruction manual...and prep to move stuff from my home office to the business.   

Hence, no time in scrap time to create...and the temper tantrum

I know it is temporary and once the new person is set up and trained...and dd's maternity leave is will be heaven for me.

Also, next week, I hope to sneak in a visit to Texas with my mom.  I have not seen her in 8 months.

So it is to work I go this morning to finish sales tax.  Let's see if I can get this knocked out!

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LisaDV said...

Congrats on the new grandson. He's adorable! I am almost too busy to craft myself. Life gets that way sometimes. I'll use the temper tantrum emoji soon myself. Congrats again.