Monday, July 4, 2016

missin' my scraproom

I have not been able to spend any 'quality' time in my scraproom.  It has been a busy month, and July is shaping up to get a li'l crazy also.   BUT I have been shopping.  I blame, I was doing pretty good on a spending freeze...then they got the lawn fawn slider cuts back in stock, and well it became 'open season'.  siiiiigh

This pic is actually A Cherry on Top...those nuvo dots are addicting.   I had to get some sparkly ones, right???

This was an Etsy purchase of some Anya stamps.   With 5 grandkids, these just make sense.

Here is the 'naughty' purchase.  Now I've gotta find some youtube videos to teach me hot to make slider cards.  

this Anya was on Amazon.

Target dollar spot, these are $3 each.   With the holes not real practical for small stuff...I ended up giving one to each of us ...I kept one for the heavy cardstock I use for stamping, DGD#1 got one, hers is empty right now and DGD#2's is on her table holding her coloring books and sticker book.

Another purchaes.  siiiiiiiigh

 Penny Black from Amazon...thinking the hedgehog in the car would be a good slider card
 one of the gals on the 2 Peas Refugees blog thread also sells Stampin Up...Kara, she had a BOGO sale.  Well with the purchase of the slider die cut, I now need good foam dots and foam line adhesive, so I put in an order....and these are my BOGO items.   On its way is the stamp set for the pennant punch.
 This is how I used the Karen bag (nice name) in the 2nd purchase, to store my stamps that I have coordinating die cuts for...This is a Newton's Nook set.  This holder is like the old fashioned magnetic photo albums, you stick the die cuts on this page and then...
right behind it put the stamp they are together and accessible.    And you can label them,

Karen bag at   here is a link if you are interested

Can't decide if I want to limit the bag to dies and coordinating stamps...I was thinking I would also like to use it for card projects.  Like Christmas coming up, Put the elements in the bag and keep it together for travel.

So, grandbaby #5 is on his way.  He is full term as of a couple of days ago...due date is the 22nd, but it could be anytime.   I pretty much left this month 'open' no plans every weekend, like most months.  But we got a rough start...Son in law's grandmother passed a couple of days ago, so he needs to head out to OK for the service.  DD cannot go, airlines would not let her this close...and it is difficult for her to deal with toddler this close.  You know, carrying him up and down stairs, putting him in his I am moving in for a couple of days.   

This morning I am trying to spend time in the scraproom.  And as y'all can imagine, if you have not been in there for a couple of weeks, but keep buying...yeah, the first hour was spent putting away, reorganizing and not creating.   

So time to get off the computer and into the room.  ha!!!

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