Sunday, August 28, 2016

Expo Update

Oh, my goodness, has it been 3 weeks already?   This month is flying by.  I have been working...first 2 weeks at the 'shop' and the past 2 weeks splitting my days between grandbabies.  Mornings with my son's family (they are moving) and my dd's (she has brand new newborn).  Happy and Exhausted but not much time at home and in my scraproom.    BUT my work schedule will be adjusted, so maybe more mornings can be spent creating.   Since I will probably still be waking up @5:30...ha!

Santa Clara Expo was the bomb!  ha! seriously, the day just went by too fast.  Michele and I were joined by Kathy and Chris...that is the wonderful thing about Expo crops, it really is no problem to share a table with people you do not know...they were very friendly... 

So, shopping....which I did more of than I should have...
Kiwi Lane templates, concentrated on the card sized borders...but did get a new accessory. Next time I really need to bring a list, I did duplicate!!!  siiiiiiiiiigh

 Lasercut Titles, I stop at this booth every year and use their buy 3 get 1 free coupon.
 irresistable baby stuff...since I was working on baby boy layouts
 Authentique, another must adorable, love the 'vintage'
 and of course Echo Park...we actually stopped by toward late afternoon... my fave these days
 Actually scrapped with a class Pleasanton I took the Echo Park class...and used them on a couple of are the sample layout pics from the class
 Here are my versions, will need more embellishing....

This Expo, since I only went one day...really packed for the most part only got layouts started but not really embellished...that will come as I unpack them and put them into their books.

Kiwi Lane had a card class...Michele and I took it was 12 x12 papers pre designed, you used the templates to cut them out and glue together...for me, it was meh.   For Michele, it was a bit confusing at first.  I plan to add some embellishing before using.
 This pic shows my card vs the designed card.   I would have preferred a class that shows how to take the templates and design your own card.  Instead of a draw and prizes, the class had a purchase special...which we took advantage of!  
 Oh and the crop freepack...I got Fancy Pants
 But gotta say, I see myself using the 'B' side!!   ha!!!!
Expo! so much fun...I think Michele is addicted and next year would like to do the full 2.5 days...okay by me.  Esp if we can get the discounted hotel room...though her mom's house was less than 30 min away.

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