Monday, September 5, 2016

crafting! but...

I am crafting this weekend, but, it is a project...not scrapbook pages or something.  Y'all know the difference.  Always fun to craft, but sure would like to get to my scrapbooks also.

I am making 18 of these for our church's women's retreat in a couple of weekends.  They are small legal pad holders.  This is the first half.  I am trying to make each one unique.

I volunteered to help out with the planning...and last weekend I was telling my former Marine kid and kid in laws..I am now NAVY...Never Again Volunteer Yourself!  ha!  I'm sure when it is over and done with I will look back and call it a wonderful experience.    The 'kids' in my young adult class helped by coloring the birds.  
 And of course when you are 'project-ing' this is what your room and desk look like...right??

And of course I now cannot find my phone.  siiiiiiigh.  But a holiday spent crafting is better than not, right???  

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LisaDV said...

It's so terrific of you to make these for your women's retreat. I hope you have a great time. Also, I think that still looks clean for projecting. Mine gets way worse.