Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Tough night for the family

We lost 2 beloved family members,  Gunny our son's family's dog.  He was a Great Dane, 7 years and 7 months old...he grew up with my dgd#1...He was the best family dog you can imagine.  Soooo Patient with the 3 small kids, always a 'character' ...such a good boy.   With his bark, though the kids lived in a neighborhood in which most of the houses were burglarized, no one came into their home.  I've seen delivery people run from his bark.   He will be missed.

There was an incident in which there was a police chase, the perps ran from the car and one ran into the kid's backyard.   I am convinced Gunny's bark kept him from coming inside, as the sliding glass door was open at the time.  The perp ended up jumping the fence to the neighbor's yard.   I know this because son in law was working from the home at the time and witnessed it from the 2nd Story window.   Though according to sil, Gunny was a big chicken and never left the stair is okay, his bark was enough.   

When he would come to visit us, he would run the property with his long horse like legs...and stand at the door whining and drooling all over it to be let in.  (sorry no dogs in our house, we are 'run' by cats)

And last night I also lost my Percy.  For 18 years he was my 'baby'.  I had no clue, one moment he is on the bed purring next to me and the next he is struggling, my husband sent me to the garage to get him towels and he was gone (thank you dh for sparing me that)....

Percy was my 'empty nest' therapy cat, as the kids left me, I was able to pour all my nurture needs onto him.  We called him 'Momma's boy".   It took him 7 years to let dh pet him.  We loved him so much.  He slept next to me just about every night, massaging me with his purrs. and making biscuits on the pillow next to me.   When I get to take naps, he was next to me.  

A night of horrible loss.  They certainly leave empty spots in our hearts, don't they?

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LisaDV said...

So sorry for your loss! It's so hard to lose loved pets. They become part of the family. Hugs.